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Be realistic and address the problem that people take seriously.

Women are very likely to follow a good page which offers great ideas to lose weight.

Isn’t it cool that you can earn – 0 every day if you do a good affiliate marketing. And you will need a minimum of 100 unique visitors to your site.

People make some serious money writing reviews and videos on games and talking about the new gaming experiences.

Selling games with affiliate marketing become easy as after reading reviews people buy the games without even realizing that it is an affiliate website.

This is very popular in developed countries as well. It is the big thing today and will be in the future. All of them also offers affiliate membership to their users which means interested users can promote their products and earn income as a commission.

Hence, if you can put up videos to motivate, or write well on self-improvement your page will be a total hit. So, if you are someone who is into technology, you must go for this niche. You will get plenty of micro niche ideas with technology niche. These days people love to learn to cook various cuisines and satisfy their taste buds. You could also write reviews of restaurants, what to order where and pop up in high ranked review. You can become a one stop solution to people’s guide for travel needs. It is a great niche to explore if you are the entrepreneur kind, you must try this. You can start a blog and promote online shopping site’s products on it.

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