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The term acknowledges the woman's agency, independence and sexual power.In my mind, other insults such as fat, ugly and stupid are much worse. The word slut (or hoe or whore) immediately degrades its victim by labeling her as bad because she is sexual.Sexual slurs have been used throughout history to control female sexuality.Many oppressed groups have reclaimed the word that hurts them the most.

It’s just like the classic example of a boy calling another boy "gay" in the locker room because he thinks if he shows disdain for homosexuality, there is no way anyone could possibly think he is gay.Welcome to "Un Slut," a column about the toxic culture of bullying and slut shaming by Emily Lindin, founder of The Un Slut Project, director of "Un Slut: A Documentary Film," and author of "Un Slut: A Diary and a Memoir."The first step to changing our culture is to change our own behavior.That way, we can model the type of behavior we want to see in an ideal world — a world where we’ve done away with “slut” shaming — and others can follow our lead.Because the word slut is everywhere (music, media, religion, school, politics) both boys and girls may not be aware of the damaging implications of its use.For more information, read about the psychological effects of slut-bashing and tips for surviving a bad reputation.

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