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year running that Milan have been the walking wounded of Serie A.

He prizes fitness, but usually more in the form of physique, stamina is not a quality that permeates the squad, even if the lack of it is his excuse for not playing certain players.

Allegri’s new thing is to play Nocerino on the right again, unless Aquilani manages to make it back, I expect van Bommel at DM, and possibly the new-to-us Muntari on the left.

The back line should be Abate, Nesta, Silva, Mesbah, but with recent form, Mexes could start ahead of Nesta, depending on how his ankle has healed by then.

Conte and Juventus have certainly been making a lot of noise about a lot of things lately, and personally, I hope that Milan can fill those loud mouths with some humble pie.

For once, I hope it’s true what they say, “It’s always the quiet ones.”Conte leads a team that had star-sized transfer fees last summer without too many actual stars, but Juventus did manage to reinforce many of their weak spots, even if it cost them.

Our two teams have a lot in common – both are very successful, both have rich histories, and both are vying for the Scudetto this year. This year, I would say the biggest difference is the coaches.

It was a bit of a wakeup call for Milan, and a huge confidence boost to Juventus, and it was probably where their Scudetto dreams really took shape.

Now we meet where Milan are one point ahead at the top of the table with Juve having a game in hand.

And while he is stubborn in his formation, his lineups are often a bit of a surprise, even if injuries are the reason for that.

It truly begs the question as to what he would do with a reasonably healthy squad week after week. First there was that horrible finger that Ibra put on Storari’s face that Chiellini hysterically claimed was a slap. Then came the figures that Milan had more penalties given them than the other teams at the same time Pirlo cried about not being given a penalty that, shown in 360 degrees on the replays, looked like a very soft penalty at best.

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