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Additional handicap and VIP parking is located directly behind the Pavilion, and is accessible by turning onto Wavy Street from Port Centre Parkway. Public restrooms are located in the Middle Street Parking Garage (on the southeast corner of the garage off of Queen Street) and in the Water Street Parking Garage (on the east side of the garage facing Water Street).

Sales prices are always fluctuating due to many reasons: from the cost of financing to how knowledgeable a buyer may or may not be. The staff does not always have the opportunity to visit and inspect every property within the city.The sales from a comparable area to the neighborhood would be used to determine value.These would be areas that are similar in location, housing style, condition, age, and price range.This rarely happens as there are numerous properties sold throughout the city annually.Assessments are conducted annually to ensure that recent market transactions are reflected in your assessed value of your property. When the market values change in your neighborhood, so does the assessed value.

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Should homes begin to sell for less than their assessed value, then the assessments will likely decrease.

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