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Whenever you sign onto a new Windows 10 device using that Microsoft account, many of your key settings will be automatically synchronized.

For IT though, there are several problems: OK, so what about Office 365?

When it is available it will essentially turn your PC into a phone or Apple/Android-style tablet, only able to run apps from the Windows Store or that have been explicitly sanctioned by IT by creating signatures for them (which need recreating every time the app changes).

This looks like a great solution to provide file protection for Office apps, and any others that are modified to support EDP.

The only alternatives to this are to use third party file sync solutions that come with a secured viewer or reader, but it takes the app and OS vendor (Microsoft) to work together to provide true data leakage protection.

Credential Guard secures the LSA (Local Security Authority) Windows subsystem in a hardware-protected Hyper-V virtual machine – a concept not unlike Bromium’s micro-VMs.

Of course, it comes with demanding hardware requirements, and could cause third party apps that interact with the LSA to break until they are updated for Windows 10.

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