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The band scored hits with "Election Day", "The Flame", and "Goodbye Is Forever".The band's only album So Red The Rose went multiplatinum, but the band never toured and was dissolved when Duran reunited in 1986.An unschooled musician, he loved experimenting with the sounds his analog synthesizers were capable of, but shied away from the "novelty" sounds of some other early synth bands.The distinctive warble of "Save A Prayer", the keyboard stabs of "A View to a Kill", and the string sounds of "Come Undone" are some of his most recognizable creations.With his bandmates Simon Le Bon and Roger Taylor, Rhodes formed the side project Arcadia while Duran was on hiatus in 1985.

As the band coalesced into its final lineup in 1979-80, Duran Duran started playing at a local Birmingham club called the Rum Runner.He did however send along a little wedding present—an original piece of artwork with the inscription, “To Nick and Julie, love Andy ‘84’.” Rhodes and Friedman divorced in 1992 and in 2014, Friedman auctioned off the wedding gift from Warhol (much to the apparent displeasure of Rhodes who had gotten the bulk of their large art collection when they split) for 9,000.Nick Rhodes (born Nicholas James Bates in Moseley, West Midlands, England, June 8 , 1962) is the keyboardist for Duran Duran.His arrangements were rich, multi-layered, and unique, and although he has continued to explore the cutting edge of digital synthesizer technology, he has an enduring love for the analog synths of his early days, using them even on albums released in the 2000's He also popularized the Crumar Performer on the early records.Rhodes was also quick to recognize the potential of the music video, and pushed the band to put more effort into their early videos than seemed warranted at the time (before the advent of MTV).

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