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I don't think there was even a "sorry" anywhere in her explanation when she completely blew off our weekend plans!My heart sank to the floor and I died a little bit inside, again, as her painful words filled my consciousness.The sad part is that I already knew somewhere deep down that something like this would happen, because it's happened before.I knew at this moment that if I continued a relationship with this woman, that this type of pain and rejection would never stop and life would continue to suck for me as long as we were together.The thing is, even if she’s interesting, she most likely wrote a whole bunch of clichés in her profile: “I’m nice, smart, kind, warm, funny, honest and family-oriented. I’m looking for my best friend, lover and partner in crime for a lifetime of love and laughter.” (Scary how easy it is to approximate the typical online dating profile, isn’t it? Even a specific response like “I noticed you enjoy biking. For example, if you’re writing to the foot model, you might say: Let’s drink to our fashion careers, Evan Sure, it’s a little goofy, but people actually respond to this stuff. Because it’s different, it’s audacious and, in a strange way, it’s kind of smart. It’s not an idle compliment or a generic, “Ooh, look what we have in common” line. Start your comment in the subject heading of the email, like this… Talk to you soon, Evan If these kinds of emails don’t work for you, no problem. Just keep in mind that the confidence it takes to write an email like that is compelling.It’s a joke and, as we all know, people like people who make them laugh. I can fix your computer, landscape your backyard and probably even hotwire your car, but, for some reason, Ti Vo programming seems to elude me as well. Playing it safe is fine, but if an attractive person has dozens, if not hundreds, of options, you need to shake things up a little bit to break through the clutter. Interesting piece, which I’ll have to parse at length when I have the time…but it leads me to throw out a theory I’ve been kicking around.I work as a freelance software and design consultant for a large Hollywood production company.

So how do you cobble together something from a pile of nothing? If not, the person you’re contacting probably has 10 emails just like yours sitting on the computer screen. Even though you’re writing to someone out of the blue, do so with the belief that this person would be lucky to have you. Your profile ultimately does the selling; your email just has to pique their interest.

I hardly have time to think let alone go out and date.

I look forward to leaving the office at night yet dread coming home. I have "no choices" and that feeling of "hopelessness" made it that much worst...

This story is hard to tell because it's so personal.

I have spent the majority of my life alone or in dysfunctional relationships.

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