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The solution was to either send modulated CW from the transmitting station, which wasn't always practical, or the second detector outputs could be used (without a BFO) to operate an external device called a Tone Keyer.

The Tone Keyer provided a clean CW output that was devoid of any noise, static or interference since it was "keyed" from the diversity output of the detectors.

Through experimentation, it was found that at least a full wavelength of antenna separation was necessary to have consistent difference in the phase of the signals.

Additional problems started to surface when it became necessary for the diversity receivers to operate on CW.

It's a tragic loss.' Dinsmore, whose TED Talk 'How to find and do work you love' has been viewed over 2 million times, founded Live Your Legend with the mission of teaching people how to change themselves and the world by doing work they love.

Diversity receiving equipment utilizes two or more receivers connected together at the second detectors and AVC lines.

As receiver design progressed, the diversity stations became more sophisticated.Fading radio signals have always plagued shortwave reception and are encountered when the signals being received originate from a transmitting station located at a distance that requires the radio waves to propagate via skywave through the ionosphere.As signals fade down to the noise level much of the information being transmitted is lost until the signal level increases above the noise again.Scott Dinsmore, a native of the Bay Area city of Alamo, was struck by a boulder as it tumbled down the 19,000-foot peak he was climbing Saturday with his wife as part of their adventure around the world.'He always said, 'I want to live a life of no regrets,' and he did,' Chelsea Dinsmore told the Mercury News.'He left us in one of the most beautiful places either of us have ever been, he was so happy he was disconnected from everything other than nature and me.

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