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If that could be reduced, then health care costs and federal health care spending, would also drop.For more, see Health Care Costs Are the #1 Cause of Bankruptcy.Once I joined the Mv D team in late 2011, I realized that publicly sharing the details of our fight against debt – or, as the Bakers call it, radical financial transparency – could both motivate our family to keep going AND maybe motivate other members of the community as well.So I put it all out there in my introductory post from early March 2012: “Are You Sick and Tired of Being Broke and Tired? When we started sharing our updates, we’d already paid down about ,000 from our highest balance.It made insurance available to between 32 million and 50 million more Americans, or 95 percent of the legal population.The Act, also known as Obamacare, was signed into law on March 3, 2010. Every citizen was required to have health insurance by March 31, 2014, or face an income tax surcharge. If they already have a plan, whether through their employers, Medicaid, Medicare, or privately, they can keep it.States were funded to require health insurance companies to submit justification for all rate hikes.

Federal funds were increased to allow Medicaid to offer free preventive services, and to extend CHIP for an additional two years.

But we’d come almost that far before, only to face setbacks.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is a law that significantly changed health care in the United States.

I’m Joan Concilio, community manager and writer for Man Vs. And I had a crazy thought: If they could do it, so could we.

Debt, and I’m in the trenches of a war against almost ,000 in consumer debt. Debt in early 2010 and followed along with my husband, Chris, as Baker and Courtney paid off all their non-student-loan debt, took down their college loan balances, grew their assets and built Man Vs. In early 2011, we got serious about getting out of credit-card debt for good, in large part so we could gain the freedom to homeschool our daughter, Sarah, who’s now 14.

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For more, see Why Preventive Care Will Lower Health Care Costs in America. Indoor tanning services were assessed a 10 percent excise tax.

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