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There are several stages to any relationship: the first, or "courting" phase, should be about having fun and really getting to know one another separate from kids, family and friends.This is the fun part and should really be about discovering one another. This is when you've known one another a few months on a more consistent basis and are trying to determine whether this could go further.Kids might even blame the outsider for the breakup.Make sure enough time has passed and the children are really ready for a new person in their life.Children are often left with anxiety about how their parents' dating will change their lives.Always remember that the courtship phase is for the parents.Reason for including the kids: Different people want to include the children for different reasons.

Additionally, the study indicated that teenagers resent seeing their mothers showing affection to other men; their mothers' overt sexuality can be troubling and confusing for teens.As for the fathers, children may become even more upset when they date.Ahrons states this could be because they might already see their fathers less, causing them to feel more threatened by new relationships.They already may demonstrate a lot of fear, loss and anger.Introducing a stranger will only heighten these emotions.

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