Backdating unemployment

Welch valued surprise and made unexpected visits to GE's plants and offices. He rewarded those in the top 20% with bonuses and stock options.

He also broadened the stock options program at GE, extending availability from top executives to nearly one third of all employees.

In 1961, Welch planned to quit his job as junior engineer because he was dissatisfied with the raise offered to him and was unhappy with the bureaucracy he observed at GE.I believe I am in the right primarily because my employer only recently concluded my "severence" package dragging this situation out and would have happily applied 3weeks ago.I have additional explanations but am wondering if this alone might be sufficient? It sounds like you just submitted your original claim last week? You can try your argument, but I wouldn't be optimistic.My question involves unemployment benefits for the state of: NY explain a little bit about the process of scheduling a hearing?I am located in NYC and lost my job 4wks ago but for a list of reasons was not clear on my eligibility until today only to be told there is no "backdating"..representative recommended I write a letter to NYS BLD explaining my case...2 questions: 1) It seems that these letters are more formalities with little success Is this true that some receive backdating?

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