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In naval circles it is custom to refer to the commander of a vessel as Captain. Strictly out of practical considerations CO (Commanding Officer) is used here on this site. * indexed, but not listed as such Elder son of Col. Walter Macdonald Nash, OBE, RN (1885-1952), and Dorothea Hoskyns (1888-1982). ).1943, Northumberland South district) Betty Amelie Staib ( - ); two daughters. ).1915, Brentford district, Middlesex) Dorothy "Dolly" Tucker ( - (03? Abbreviations and explanations can be found at the help page. Sir Joseph Nall, 1st Bt (1887-1958), and Edith Elizabeth Francklin. Married () Angela Loveday Hanbury, eldest daughter of Air Chief Marshal Sir Alec Coryton, KCB, KBE, MVO, DFC; two sons. Commanding Officer, Fort Blockhouse [Deputy Flag Officer Submarines & NATO's Deputy Commander Submarines, Eastern Atlantic] & Captain (S) 1st Submarine Squadron [HMS Dolphin (submarine depot, Gosport)] Married ((12? ).1971); two daughters (Patricia married firstly Cdr. Elder son Eric Gilbert Sudlow Nelson (1887-1979), and Mrs Nelson, of Santos, Brazil. ) Barbara Lumsden Miller, younger daughter of Colin Mc Laren Miller (1889-), of Sunnyhill, Eastbourne (late of Ceylon), and Winifred P. Hilda Newby remarried (, Marylebone Register Office, London) Brig. George Anthony Francis Norfolk, CB, DSO, RN, and Lt. Married (, St andrew's Cathedral, Dundee) Margaret Mary Collingridge, of Wimbledon, Surrey; one daughter. Stanley Bernard Norfolk, RN, and Mary Carmen Galliano (from Gibraltar), of Dover. During the middle watch on 23rd February "UPRIGHT" located and sank by Torpedo a darkened and zigzagging enemy vessel carrying petrol to forces in Tripolitania, and during the middle watch on the 25th February he attacked and sank by Torpedo an enemy cruiser, escorted by two other enemy warships. "UPRIGHT" on war patrol in the Central Mediterranean between 19th and 26th February 1941.It is recommended that you use the site's search function to speed up locating the family of interest.

His invention revolutionized modern aviation and is installed in aircraft worldwide and in the space shuttle. He performed most efficiently his main duty of shadowing the enemy and reporting his movements. Married (, Scotland) Mary Joan Matthews, elder daughter of late Adolphus Matthews, of Chignal Smealey, Essex; no children. Stanley Bernard Norfolk, RN, and Mary Carmen Galliano (from Gibraltar), of Dover. Andrew Smythe Montague Browne, Col Royal Scots Greys. Thomas Mc Callum Nicholson (1877-1924), and Jessie Elizabeth Blair Hitchman (1871-1907). ).1935, Westminster district, London) Adele Myldred Allen, daughter of William Grover Allen (1855-1931), and Mrs Allen, of Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth; one daughter, one son. Bernard Underwood Nicolay, CB (1873-1960), and Alice Gertrude Braddon (1879-1962), of The Cobbles, Windlesham, Surrey, later of Camberley. ).1933, Weare Giffard, Torrington district, Devon) Sheila Doris Graham, only daughter of Lt. Major 1st Battalion Dorset Home Guard, 1942; a Younger Brother of Trinity House; Naval ADC to Prince of Wales during Canadian Tour, 1919 (MVO); Extra Equerry to Prince of Wales during tours to Australia, India, Japan, Africa and South America (CVO); Extra Equerry-in-Waiting to Duke of Connaught during Indian Tour, 1920-1921; ADC to the King, 1932; Extra Equerry to King George VI; DL Dorset 1952. The information below was provided by the participant or his representative and may contain errors. Presentations vary depending on the information provided.

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