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In another scene after viewing her shoplifting in a bookstore, Jon was able to persuade aspiring actress Linda (Rutanya/Ruth Alda) to disrobe down to her see-through underwear in front of the camera, for one of his filmed, avant-garde "peep art" works (to record "a private moment").She was pretending to be in her Manhattan apartment - viewed (and filmed) entirely from the perspective of someone watching her undress on her bed through her window.This British coming-of-age social drama from Lindsay Anderson was one of the first films to mix color and black-and-white footage in an impressionistic way.

During the anarchistic attack with machine guns and bombs, Mick was joined by other boys and the coffee-house Girl, who coldly shot the Headmaster (Peter Jeffrey) between the eyes while he pleaded: Director Joseph Sarno's daring, X-rated soft-core film (and box-office smash) for the late 60s was a pretentious foreign film art-house import that was a milestone in erotic cinema, although most of its sexuality was implied through facial expressions and cut-aways to off-screen.

It told about his underground investigation of murdered/mutilated wealthy homosexual man Teddy Leikman (James Inman) (due to a dispute between two gays, that led to a wrongful confession and execution of an innocent man). I thought I had gotten it out of my life, but I hadn't. And here I was and I couldn't do anything about it.

It starred Frank Sinatra as dedicated police sergeant Joe Leland working within a homophobic police force. I had had only two experiences before, once in college and once in the Army. Oh God, twisted faces, outcasts, lives lived in shadows always prey to a million dangers. I was raised in a family that would not even admit that there was such a thing as a homosexual in this world.

It included the first extended full frontal view of female genitalia (actually pubic hair).

In the 'celebrated' scene, the film's heroine Eva undressed in front of a full-length mirror, looked at her reflection, and then went over to the bed and put on a silky white see-through nightgown before getting into bed.

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